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Listen to my Best Guided Meditations ( Takes you to my Youtube Channel )

Train Journey to sleep

Reiki Sleep and Relaxation

Your Deepest sleep

Control Your Lucid Dream (3hr)

Get back to sleep

The Cocoon

Spirit Guide Story

15 Minute Nap

Sleep Peacefully

Long Guided Talk down

Sleep away Anxiety

Stop Overthinking

Long Talk down for sleep

Calm Your Mind

Morning Meditation

Train Journey to Sleep

Fall Asleep Fast

Sleep Deeply

Rain At Your Window

There are over 300 meditations on my youtube channel, check them out here and subscribe:


Since 2015 Christian has created guided meditations, largely on YouTube with his channel "meditation vacation" and more recently on other platforms. Christian has amassed a large following of dedicated fans. He is very interactive on all platforms. 

Christian tries to help other people not only with his insightful guided meditation sessions but also provides a support system through live streaming and replying with constructive knowledge.

It wasn't always this way for Christian, a few years before becoming a meditation artist he suffered sever depression, anxiety and insomnia, sometimes only having 2 hours sleep over 5 months.

Christian felt suicidal, lost of hope and direction but through practicing meditation he worked his way back, gaining valuable knowledge about himself.

His meditations are based on his own knowledge of the rough part of his life.

He is very much a changed man, wanting to further himself each and every day.

You would do well to listen to his meditations and grains of experience.

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“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent van Gogh

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Meditation Vacation
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My NEWEST Meditation

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Find out what Christian writes about this week, from mental health issues to day to day well-being on various levels. 
His curiosity of the mind and the interaction with the world around can sometimes open up more questions and give something to think about.

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How your voice and the content of your videos have changed my sleep habits for the better, to say the least. Your voice is like no other I've ever heard! Thank you!

Timothy Silva

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